Our low location safety way guidance system demonstrably satisfies
Approved Document ‘B’, Draft Safety Bill, & CIBSE guidance
equally assisting tenant/occupier evacuation & FRS entry.




Lite4life’s safety way guidance solutions are the culmination of extensive cross industry research and due diligence to source, adapt and develop the best ‘fit for purpose’ innovative, yet proven building egress and entry systems.


These systems form part of the safety codes and standards in far more heavily regulated industries, as life safety is paramount regardless of environment.


Thinking outside the box & working collaboratively with government advisors & our strategic partners Jalite, Ecoglo, & Quantum.


Our low location photoluminescent safety way guidance system satisfies Approved Document ‘B’, Draft Safety Bill, & CIBSE guidance, allowing tenants & the fire rescue services alike to move with ‘confidence & momentum’. 

  • Proven Active & Passive Guidance Solutions

  • Embraces Proven Innovation From Other Industries

  • Documented Regulation 38 Compliance

  • Adoption Of NYC Building Code Reforms

  • Strategic Alignment With Industry Experts

  • Contributory Element Of HRRB Standard

  • Satisfies RRFSO Article 14/2/H

  • Satisfies Coroners Rule 43 Recommendations

  • Meets Global Safety Standards & Regulations

  • Superior Visual Cues For The Visually Impaired

  • Performs In Power Failure

  • Performs Below The Smoke Threshold

  • Reduces Carbon Footprint


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