Our portfolio and understanding of signage strategy allow us to enhance and expedite the safe entry and egress of buildings



Lite4life’s Way Guidance products and services are the culmination of extensive cross industry research and due diligence to find the best ‘fit for purpose’ building entry and egress solutions. Thinking outside the box and embracing the evolution of safety products from other more heavily regulated industries, has allowed us to offer a portfolio of innovative yet proven way guidance products and services. Working collaboratively with government advisors and our strategic partners Jalite, Ecoglo, and Quantum, our products and signage strategies allow tenants and the emergency services to move with confidence and momentum.

  • Proven Active & Passive Guidance Solutions

  • Embraces Innovation From Other Industries

  • Documented Regulation 38 Compliance

  • Adoption Of NYC Building Code Reforms

  • Strategic Alignment With Industry Experts

  • Contributory Element For HRRB Standard

  • Encourages Movement With Confidence & Momentum

  • Technical Support From British Standard Advisor

  • Meets Global Safety Standards & Regulations


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